Saved by Grace:

I learned about Jesus Christ, when l was four, l was saved when l was eight, and messed up at age  eleven . l started to drink with the thirty year olds l lived a long hard life ,l was running away from my self, but l was not aware ,l did not know ,l had no love for myself and l was triing to live pass the life l was given . l  could not find me ,so l looked for myself inside of bottles, not knowing, l was eraseing the little of me l had,later l started to pray for God to help me ,and he did .l stayed clean for a while then returned back to the madness, God never left my side, he was always there to hold my hand.


God is still on the throne.

The day for man sometimes change, but for God it never does, everyday we have new problems, new worries, new blessings. Gods life remains the same ,he watches what we do give out blessings and punishments just like a father. He entertains his self with our lives, we’re funny people sometime obedient sometimes not, God gives us a chance at life a chance to get things together , to have life and have it Mora abundantly. God gives life to those that follow his way ,he shine light on the just as well as the unjust , trust in him and he shall lead your path.


I have to enter my mind ,filled with thoughts , sometimes calm, sometimes not , sometimes l fill like l’m going insane, l try to grab a hold of myself, but sometimes l’m lost. I place as much as l can in Gods hands , and l try to make it with the rest, life is what you make it. I have a large order l have to fill ,l cannot take any short cuts it has to be the real deal.

Never the same :

I  have a new blessing everyday, a new hope, a new dream, a new way to walk, talk and pray. I don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow  l just focus on today . I know that some how God will work out my day, l don’t know what will happen one day to the next, so l go on with my life until it ends.In hopes that something l did before l left   was right  ,when l leave here the things l have done goes with me, this is why l try hard to live right. This  world is changing ,every day we are all closer to our deaths, every day that we live ,soon we will no longer see the world as it is today, it will be over and our children will be grown  what will you do with your lives then.

l’m a writer from birth.

I came into this life 53years ago, l have done many things and seen much happen.l believe that in life we have second chances, my children are grown l can now travel and do more things for my self. I find pleasure in writing it takes me to a new place every time, l also love to read ,there’s nothing like a great book and a cup of tea,the weather is cold it’s snowing  and the trucks and cars need cleaning . I will write most of the day and top it off with a few books l’m presently  writing my Biography , it will take some time to finish l’m very excited. When l finish this project l will go on to the next, every good thing l do ,has the hand of God in it  this is no different , well guys wish me luck ,l will write soon have a blessed day, keep warm:

full of surprise:

I have many children, they fill my heart with joy every day there’s something surprising  about them, every day l see the love of God shine through them, one is a dancer  and very smart ,ones in business and the others have their own works. I become amazed  at the person each of them has become, and to my surprise l raised them well. Our children are  part of us,their that second part now made ,we can’t live our lives through them, but we can allow them to live their lives, so let’s give full support .

Just the beginning:

I often think about where l came from, you know who l use to be, the past us that we try hard to forget, well the good news is that God gives new beginnings . I couldn’t  figure out how to restart my life ,how to become the person l knew l really was, then l met Jesus Christ,and things started to look a little brighter , he taught me that l had worth ,and no matter what l been through he still loved me . I need everyone that’s suffering to understand there is a way out a way of freedom a release of pain, take a chance and give your life to Jesus and watch him work things out.

He is still here.

Jesus Christ our Lord is still on the throne,he’s the same today as he was yesterday ,Jesus Christ is our Lord and savior he says cast all your cares on me , when we serve Jesus we serve a mighty God a savior for our souls , we then have access to all his biblical promises  we can ask for the things we want and receive them according to Gods will.l have grown a custom to asking God for things daily ,but mostly to carry  out his will . I will ask you to trust Christ, and make him your friend, he’s a friend like no other .


I have lived a long life ,perhaps not long enough,l have seen many things ,when l was a little girl ,l was’nt very happy l went through many hard times, and the only thing that helped me through was God. l learned a long time ago that He was my true source . I know sometimes we go through hard times ,and at times it seem like we want make it , but  I’m living proof,  that if you trust God he will see you through.