I was looking at my life and thinking about my accomplishments and l realize l still have so far to go, because life challenges  are never over until you die, so because of that   l will never reach all of my goals, because there’s always more to accomplish  . I try to have a good part of my day  spent with God, that way there’s no miss takes  , but nothing is perfect if you are an human, so l do my. best . God says to cast all of my cares on him ,so l do and l allow him to take over in my life and guide my steps ,without him l’ll fumble the ball, l try to spend an hour and a half daily reading my bible so that l can grow in spirit  and there’s some great stories in the bible as well. God is truly wonderful , he wakes us up in the morning and he hears and answers our prayers, he gave us  the entire earth for our enjoyment , so let’s serve him .


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