Does it matter:

I don’t  have life the way l want it as of yet, but it’s much better Than it was, life can be stressful  or enjoyable , it is what you make it to be, as for me l live both the good and the bad, after all isn’t  that life. I try to live my life for Jesus Christ one day at a time, of course l make mistakes ,  everyone does, l just pick myself up and keep going, yeah life is what you make it, but you have to know what you’re aiming for. I do not take life with a grain of salt, more like salt and pepper , l think before l speak  ,and l respect others no matter the sex or color of the skin, l have learned a lot in this world, l would not  change my experience , because it builds my character , but l wish you an easier road .I like to talk about Jesus, because he guides my steps, and sometimes he’s  the only one we can talk to that understands , so just a little bit about me and how l feel,keep the faith. God bless


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