I don’t want to cry:

Everyday we hear about  hard times in other Countries , but what  we don’t hear about are the hard times in America , times may not be as hard , but to some their struggling  , l    do not          want to cry , but  times will only get harder . In the Bible there are Seals from one to seven, and we are suppose to be at the fourth seal, and if this is true there will be more murders and more violence  l have a concern  about the people of this world, and myself the only way we will make it , is to serve Jesus Christ and allow him to lead our lives, the  Bible also have Commandments that were to follow and these Commandments guides our lives.We have to study this book the Bible every day of our lives, l know you provably  think that’s a lot, so start with one day a week and let God do the rest. God bless


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