I was looking at my life and thinking about my accomplishments and l realize l still have so far to go, because life challenges  are never over until you die, so because of that   l will never reach all of my goals, because there’s always more to accomplish  . I try to have a good part of my day  spent with God, that way there’s no miss takes  , but nothing is perfect if you are an human, so l do my. best . God says to cast all of my cares on him ,so l do and l allow him to take over in my life and guide my steps ,without him l’ll fumble the ball, l try to spend an hour and a half daily reading my bible so that l can grow in spirit  and there’s some great stories in the bible as well. God is truly wonderful , he wakes us up in the morning and he hears and answers our prayers, he gave us  the entire earth for our enjoyment , so let’s serve him .


Does it matter:

I don’t  have life the way l want it as of yet, but it’s much better Than it was, life can be stressful  or enjoyable , it is what you make it to be, as for me l live both the good and the bad, after all isn’t  that life. I try to live my life for Jesus Christ one day at a time, of course l make mistakes ,  everyone does, l just pick myself up and keep going, yeah life is what you make it, but you have to know what you’re aiming for. I do not take life with a grain of salt, more like salt and pepper , l think before l speak  ,and l respect others no matter the sex or color of the skin, l have learned a lot in this world, l would not  change my experience , because it builds my character , but l wish you an easier road .I like to talk about Jesus, because he guides my steps, and sometimes he’s  the only one we can talk to that understands , so just a little bit about me and how l feel,keep the faith. God bless

Lifeand hope:

I WAS THINKING THAT LIFE IS SOMETIMES TAKEN FOR GRANTED  we wake up early morning and go through our own routine coffee , tea, hot chocolate what ever your prefrence be , we start our day  as normal and at 4.pm we’re tired, so now we make plans for the night, this continues day after day  and we call this life, but really we’re not living at all, we exsist, life is more than we make it , we are here for a purpose that purpose is to do the will of God,He put us here for a reason and that reason  we have to search for. Every day  is a new begining   and we have to open our selves up to  the adventure, we have to start living life  and not just taken it for granted  , pay attention to things around you , dont just think about your selves start doing nice things for people , give to someone in need. I make a pack every day to try and make my life better more  real , so Im on a mission  to change many things, as I grow i will keep you informed.

I don’t want to cry:

Everyday we hear about  hard times in other Countries , but what  we don’t hear about are the hard times in America , times may not be as hard , but to some their struggling  , l    do not          want to cry , but  times will only get harder . In the Bible there are Seals from one to seven, and we are suppose to be at the fourth seal, and if this is true there will be more murders and more violence  l have a concern  about the people of this world, and myself the only way we will make it , is to serve Jesus Christ and allow him to lead our lives, the  Bible also have Commandments that were to follow and these Commandments guides our lives.We have to study this book the Bible every day of our lives, l know you provably  think that’s a lot, so start with one day a week and let God do the rest. God bless