I think that in life we all become confused sooner or later, maybe at the choices we need to make or relationships , life is full of confusing situations  , and we become stuck in the middle, not knowing where to turn.  We need more guidance  in our lives and the way we find that is from Jesus Christ, he  guides our every step, if we allow him to move in our lives. We can’t  work every thing out on our own, we just think we can. God allows us to make choices and sometimes we make the right ones, but if we don’t choose JesusChrist our choices are wrong , we need to get our lives right with God,   there is a place called hell and it’s real and if our life is not right with God that is where we will go. I have to pray every day to try and live my life right, l never have it right enough, because that would mean  lm perfect and l will never be that,  so let’s take it a day at a time, and do our best, and let God do the rest.  God bless.


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