Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen Heb: 11, hope , hope plays a major part with faith ,to have hope in something is to see it as if it already is , hope and faith becomes one , they both need the other , without the one the next will not operate ,faith is belief in the unseen, and we hope it will become a reality , we believe in God that what we ask for will come to past.  and God say’s that if we have the faith of a mustard seed we can move mountains ,I have faith that what ever I ask God , he will do , I’ve seen it happen. God loves faith , without faith it is impossible to please God ,God wants us to believe in him ,he wants us to trust him, look at it this way God controls every thing any way, so what do u have to loose , trust in God then u don’t have to worry  , you can relax,I become faithful through reading Gods word , you can see all the miracles he done in the old days and he’s the same today as he was yesterday .God loves us so much that he gave his begotten son  to die for our sins , we are his adopted children and he desires for all of us to spend eternity with him, in his new Jerusalem , all that don’t make it with God will be cast in to the lake of fire, to burn for eternity , God does not want that , he loves us to much to w ant us to suffer  , so grab some hope , put it together with some faith and get started with pleasing God.    God bless you . Pastor Karen Webb.


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