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I often think of how I will live my day, and then I do my best to put it in Gods hand, each day changes from the next , every day has it’s on worries ,and every day has it’s on blessings , it’s called life. Today so far is a wonderful day it’s filled with sunshine and breeze and there are many people out and about , God gives us beauty in many things , the Earth it self is a blessing , and people before corruption are pure species . We become contaminated  in this world , the bad has a way of growing on you , and sometimes things happen to people to make them change ,w e don’t know another mans story ,as for me I take the good with the bad , everything is a learning  title in life , we have to see every situation as that ,and then we  want fall apart from  life disasters.  God makes  a way out of no way and he solves problems ,so as long as we keep God in our lives we’ll be  o.k .  I often talk about God ,because he’s an important part of my life, I don’t know where I would be without him, he guides my life and gives me peace , he is always there to help , he wants a relationship with all of us , that is one of the reasons he gave his son to die for us , he did something so special and we sometimes don’t appreciate it, God is  not a thing, he’s a who ,he has feelings and he’s about love and the wrong things we do bothers him , so let’s show God love. God bless you I love you all. Pastor Karen Webb


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