Today I was thinking , how I feel about my start so far with my day and I have  had a good start . God has answered my prayer and that is always a great start , so let’s talk a little about GOD: well I became a christian at age eight and I have been one ever since I never wanted to believe in any other God except , the creator of the universe  and the father of Jesus Christ, take Jesus alone is reason not to change your mind, we need to believe in something that  will be for real, there are so many GODS  today , we can’t be certain what to believe in . We need to believe in the creator of the world and of human beings  ,one that has purpose and facts, Jesus Christ   is GOD Almighty creator of Heaven and earth,how is this you would ask,well here’s how , Jesus was born as GODS son but after he was crucified  he rose up to Heaven and took his rightful place as God,  first he rose from the dead of course and showed himself 40 days to his believers  , and taught the lessons he wanted them to learn, then he rose to heaven. I know you find this a little hard to believe, but it’s true, do me a favor read your bibles daily read Isaiah he talks about Christ even before he came , so does Daniel and all the major prophets , yes there are major and minor prophets, the bible is a great book to read , it’s full of information,spend a little time there per day and it will make your life run smoothly . I wish you all to have a great day God Bless.


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