Wonder How Much

I often wonder , just how much God really loves us , and then I  say ,He loves us  enough  that he gave His only begotten son, There is no man that can top the love of God , Jesus suffered dearly on that cross , he was in complete agony , suffering and pain .His organs were giving  out,  and he was bleeding from the inside , his heart burst open, He suffered  a  horrible death, and then he was raised from the dead on the third day of his death and showed his self 40 days to his believers, teaching them daily the things he wanted them to know, after his teaching he went to heaven to sit on the right hand side of the power of God , which means Jesus took his place as God.  Jesus created the Heavens and the earth ,then he created the fowls  and the animals , he created mankind and he is still creating today , so trust Jesus Christ with your lives it belongs to him any way. God bless


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