Maybe tomorrow

We often put things off until the next day, maybe Tomorrow  this is what we always say, but Tomorrow is not promise to us,  so lets start doing today. I would like to challenge you to  a task take 30 minutes out of your day and study Gods word and see the results in your life, ok first let me say, you might not see them right away, every thing takes time so have a little patients.  God wants us to spend time with him on an daily bases  he wants us to get to know him and it’s a reward to know Jesus   ,Jesus hears your every prayer ,he answers every thing according to his will, just because you don’t receive an answer right away does not mean God did not hear you God wants to build up patients in us ,he wants to build up trust in us, and he knows the right process to take. God wants to make us the best we can be and  in order for him to do that we have to go through some things  , so don’t give up on Jesus , take him all your worries and watch him pull you through.    I don’t want us to wait on tomorrow I want us to trust God today,  let’s take time to spend a minute or two with Jesus and he will spend time with you, how wonderful it is to have a friend in Jesus , he laid down his life for you    and for me and for all of mankind ,how deep is that, how many of you would lay down your life for another. I think we have a long way’s to go as human beings , so let’s start today on our improvement . God bless you and may you have a blessed day.


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