Saved by Grace:

I learned about Jesus Christ, when l was four, l was saved when l was eight, and messed up at age  eleven . l started to drink with the thirty year olds l lived a long hard life ,l was running away from my self, but l was not aware ,l did not know ,l had no love for myself and l was triing to live pass the life l was given . l  could not find me ,so l looked for myself inside of bottles, not knowing, l was eraseing the little of me l had,later l started to pray for God to help me ,and he did .l stayed clean for a while then returned back to the madness, God never left my side, he was always there to hold my hand.


God is still on the throne.

The day for man sometimes change, but for God it never does, everyday we have new problems, new worries, new blessings. Gods life remains the same ,he watches what we do give out blessings and punishments just like a father. He entertains his self with our lives, we’re funny people sometime obedient sometimes not, God gives us a chance at life a chance to get things together , to have life and have it Mora abundantly. God gives life to those that follow his way ,he shine light on the just as well as the unjust , trust in him and he shall lead your path.