I have to enter my mind ,filled with thoughts , sometimes calm, sometimes not , sometimes l fill like l’m going insane, l try to grab a hold of myself, but sometimes l’m lost. I place as much as l can in Gods hands , and l try to make it with the rest, life is what you make it. I have a large order l have to fill ,l cannot take any short cuts it has to be the real deal.


Never the same :

I  have a new blessing everyday, a new hope, a new dream, a new way to walk, talk and pray. I don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow  l just focus on today . I know that some how God will work out my day, l don’t know what will happen one day to the next, so l go on with my life until it ends.In hopes that something l did before l left   was right  ,when l leave here the things l have done goes with me, this is why l try hard to live right. This  world is changing ,every day we are all closer to our deaths, every day that we live ,soon we will no longer see the world as it is today, it will be over and our children will be grown  what will you do with your lives then.

l’m a writer from birth.

I came into this life 53years ago, l have done many things and seen much happen.l believe that in life we have second chances, my children are grown l can now travel and do more things for my self. I find pleasure in writing it takes me to a new place every time, l also love to read ,there’s nothing like a great book and a cup of tea,the weather is cold it’s snowing  and the trucks and cars need cleaning . I will write most of the day and top it off with a few books l’m presently  writing my Biography , it will take some time to finish l’m very excited. When l finish this project l will go on to the next, every good thing l do ,has the hand of God in it  this is no different , well guys wish me luck ,l will write soon have a blessed day, keep warm: