I know that without God I can do nothing , with him I can do all things l have some things coming up that l need to keep the faith with , sometimes  going on faith is hard, but God is worth the faith , so I’ll continue to pray.


full of surprise:

I have many children, they fill my heart with joy every day there’s something surprising  about them, every day l see the love of God shine through them, one is a dancer  and very smart ,ones in business and the others have their own works. I become amazed  at the person each of them has become, and to my surprise l raised them well. Our children are  part of us,their that second part now made ,we can’t live our lives through them, but we can allow them to live their lives, so let’s give full support .

Just the beginning:

I often think about where l came from, you know who l use to be, the past us that we try hard to forget, well the good news is that God gives new beginnings . I couldn’t  figure out how to restart my life ,how to become the person l knew l really was, then l met Jesus Christ,and things started to look a little brighter , he taught me that l had worth ,and no matter what l been through he still loved me . I need everyone that’s suffering to understand there is a way out a way of freedom a release of pain, take a chance and give your life to Jesus and watch him work things out.

He is still here.

Jesus Christ our Lord is still on the throne,he’s the same today as he was yesterday ,Jesus Christ is our Lord and savior he says cast all your cares on me , when we serve Jesus we serve a mighty God a savior for our souls , we then have access to all his biblical promises  we can ask for the things we want and receive them according to Gods will.l have grown a custom to asking God for things daily ,but mostly to carry  out his will . I will ask you to trust Christ, and make him your friend, he’s a friend like no other .