I have lived a long life ,perhaps not long enough,l have seen many things ,when l was a little girl ,l was’nt very happy l went through many hard times, and the only thing that helped me through was God. l learned a long time ago that He was my true source . I know sometimes we go through hard times ,and at times it seem like we want make it , but  I’m living proof,  that if you trust God he will see you through.


one more day:

I have a lot of gratitude for this day, it was cold outside, but l was able to feel the cold, it was windy, but l was able to feel the wind. I said these things to help you realize  how fortunate we are,there are people that cannot feel, and people who cannot walk, and we get to be some of the blessed ones . Today let’s pray for others, how about for the next seven days, let’s not pray for ourselves, but for others.

Not Long:

I was in a study group yesterday, and it was about the EndTimes.

l was surprised to find out the fourth seal was open, l will research  this ,and get back to you  there are seven seals to be open,  seven Trumpets to blow, and seven vials to be poured  all of this brings us to the end of time each takes us closer

.l will keep you informed.