End times:

The end  times   are comming soon, and this world as  we kñow  it will soon disappear .

God has given us a chance to get our  lives right ,we have to start now, the commandments of God is a good place for direction .

l wish,all of you find christ, l want the best for your lives, maybe you say theres nothing  wrong with my life well let’s make it better. God bless.


Invite 2

I would like to make corrections on my post from the other day I gave you a phone number ,but not a day and time  the time for the prayer line is Saturday at 9pm, I also hope that all of you had a wonderful day ,and I will continue to pray that Gods  blessing remain upon you.  thank you for all of your support ,I deeply  appreciate it all   GOD Bless


Good morning:  l  would like  to invite all of you  to visit my phone  line, we hold   conversations  a bout  Jesus Christ,,and  we  also  talk  about  feelings .  the  phone  number  is1 605_475_5900  then place  the  access  code  724_4151   we will also take  your  prayer  request  to  God  for  thirty  days.  l also would like to invite  you  all  to  my Church  ,   Salvation  Chritian  Center, 128 Sherman Street , Wilkesbarre  P .A