I was looking at my life and thinking about my accomplishments and l realize l still have so far to go, because life challenges  are never over until you die, so because of that   l will never reach all of my goals, because there’s always more to accomplish  . I try to have a good part of my day  spent with God, that way there’s no miss takes  , but nothing is perfect if you are an human, so l do my. best . God says to cast all of my cares on him ,so l do and l allow him to take over in my life and guide my steps ,without him l’ll fumble the ball, l try to spend an hour and a half daily reading my bible so that l can grow in spirit  and there’s some great stories in the bible as well. God is truly wonderful , he wakes us up in the morning and he hears and answers our prayers, he gave us  the entire earth for our enjoyment , so let’s serve him .


Does it matter:

I don’t  have life the way l want it as of yet, but it’s much better Than it was, life can be stressful  or enjoyable , it is what you make it to be, as for me l live both the good and the bad, after all isn’t  that life. I try to live my life for Jesus Christ one day at a time, of course l make mistakes ,  everyone does, l just pick myself up and keep going, yeah life is what you make it, but you have to know what you’re aiming for. I do not take life with a grain of salt, more like salt and pepper , l think before l speak  ,and l respect others no matter the sex or color of the skin, l have learned a lot in this world, l would not  change my experience , because it builds my character , but l wish you an easier road .I like to talk about Jesus, because he guides my steps, and sometimes he’s  the only one we can talk to that understands , so just a little bit about me and how l feel,keep the faith. God bless

Lifeand hope:

I WAS THINKING THAT LIFE IS SOMETIMES TAKEN FOR GRANTED  we wake up early morning and go through our own routine coffee , tea, hot chocolate what ever your prefrence be , we start our day  as normal and at 4.pm we’re tired, so now we make plans for the night, this continues day after day  and we call this life, but really we’re not living at all, we exsist, life is more than we make it , we are here for a purpose that purpose is to do the will of God,He put us here for a reason and that reason  we have to search for. Every day  is a new begining   and we have to open our selves up to  the adventure, we have to start living life  and not just taken it for granted  , pay attention to things around you , dont just think about your selves start doing nice things for people , give to someone in need. I make a pack every day to try and make my life better more  real , so Im on a mission  to change many things, as I grow i will keep you informed.

I don’t want to cry:

Everyday we hear about  hard times in other Countries , but what  we don’t hear about are the hard times in America , times may not be as hard , but to some their struggling  , l    do not          want to cry , but  times will only get harder . In the Bible there are Seals from one to seven, and we are suppose to be at the fourth seal, and if this is true there will be more murders and more violence  l have a concern  about the people of this world, and myself the only way we will make it , is to serve Jesus Christ and allow him to lead our lives, the  Bible also have Commandments that were to follow and these Commandments guides our lives.We have to study this book the Bible every day of our lives, l know you provably  think that’s a lot, so start with one day a week and let God do the rest. God bless


I think that in life we all become confused sooner or later, maybe at the choices we need to make or relationships , life is full of confusing situations  , and we become stuck in the middle, not knowing where to turn.  We need more guidance  in our lives and the way we find that is from Jesus Christ, he  guides our every step, if we allow him to move in our lives. We can’t  work every thing out on our own, we just think we can. God allows us to make choices and sometimes we make the right ones, but if we don’t choose JesusChrist our choices are wrong , we need to get our lives right with God,   there is a place called hell and it’s real and if our life is not right with God that is where we will go. I have to pray every day to try and live my life right, l never have it right enough, because that would mean  lm perfect and l will never be that,  so let’s take it a day at a time, and do our best, and let God do the rest.  God bless.


Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen Heb: 11, hope , hope plays a major part with faith ,to have hope in something is to see it as if it already is , hope and faith becomes one , they both need the other , without the one the next will not operate ,faith is belief in the unseen, and we hope it will become a reality , we believe in God that what we ask for will come to past.  and God say’s that if we have the faith of a mustard seed we can move mountains ,I have faith that what ever I ask God , he will do , I’ve seen it happen. God loves faith , without faith it is impossible to please God ,God wants us to believe in him ,he wants us to trust him, look at it this way God controls every thing any way, so what do u have to loose , trust in God then u don’t have to worry  , you can relax,I become faithful through reading Gods word , you can see all the miracles he done in the old days and he’s the same today as he was yesterday .God loves us so much that he gave his begotten son  to die for our sins , we are his adopted children and he desires for all of us to spend eternity with him, in his new Jerusalem , all that don’t make it with God will be cast in to the lake of fire, to burn for eternity , God does not want that , he loves us to much to w ant us to suffer  , so grab some hope , put it together with some faith and get started with pleasing God.    God bless you . Pastor Karen Webb.

What’s New

I often think of how I will live my day, and then I do my best to put it in Gods hand, each day changes from the next , every day has it’s on worries ,and every day has it’s on blessings , it’s called life. Today so far is a wonderful day it’s filled with sunshine and breeze and there are many people out and about , God gives us beauty in many things , the Earth it self is a blessing , and people before corruption are pure species . We become contaminated  in this world , the bad has a way of growing on you , and sometimes things happen to people to make them change ,w e don’t know another mans story ,as for me I take the good with the bad , everything is a learning  title in life , we have to see every situation as that ,and then we  want fall apart from  life disasters.  God makes  a way out of no way and he solves problems ,so as long as we keep God in our lives we’ll be  o.k .  I often talk about God ,because he’s an important part of my life, I don’t know where I would be without him, he guides my life and gives me peace , he is always there to help , he wants a relationship with all of us , that is one of the reasons he gave his son to die for us , he did something so special and we sometimes don’t appreciate it, God is  not a thing, he’s a who ,he has feelings and he’s about love and the wrong things we do bothers him , so let’s show God love. God bless you I love you all. Pastor Karen Webb


Today I was thinking , how I feel about my start so far with my day and I have  had a good start . God has answered my prayer and that is always a great start , so let’s talk a little about GOD: well I became a christian at age eight and I have been one ever since I never wanted to believe in any other God except , the creator of the universe  and the father of Jesus Christ, take Jesus alone is reason not to change your mind, we need to believe in something that  will be for real, there are so many GODS  today , we can’t be certain what to believe in . We need to believe in the creator of the world and of human beings  ,one that has purpose and facts, Jesus Christ   is GOD Almighty creator of Heaven and earth,how is this you would ask,well here’s how , Jesus was born as GODS son but after he was crucified  he rose up to Heaven and took his rightful place as God,  first he rose from the dead of course and showed himself 40 days to his believers  , and taught the lessons he wanted them to learn, then he rose to heaven. I know you find this a little hard to believe, but it’s true, do me a favor read your bibles daily read Isaiah he talks about Christ even before he came , so does Daniel and all the major prophets , yes there are major and minor prophets, the bible is a great book to read , it’s full of information,spend a little time there per day and it will make your life run smoothly . I wish you all to have a great day God Bless.

Wonder How Much

I often wonder , just how much God really loves us , and then I  say ,He loves us  enough  that he gave His only begotten son, There is no man that can top the love of God , Jesus suffered dearly on that cross , he was in complete agony , suffering and pain .His organs were giving  out,  and he was bleeding from the inside , his heart burst open, He suffered  a  horrible death, and then he was raised from the dead on the third day of his death and showed his self 40 days to his believers, teaching them daily the things he wanted them to know, after his teaching he went to heaven to sit on the right hand side of the power of God , which means Jesus took his place as God.  Jesus created the Heavens and the earth ,then he created the fowls  and the animals , he created mankind and he is still creating today , so trust Jesus Christ with your lives it belongs to him any way. God bless

Maybe tomorrow

We often put things off until the next day, maybe Tomorrow  this is what we always say, but Tomorrow is not promise to us,  so lets start doing today. I would like to challenge you to  a task take 30 minutes out of your day and study Gods word and see the results in your life, ok first let me say, you might not see them right away, every thing takes time so have a little patients.  God wants us to spend time with him on an daily bases  he wants us to get to know him and it’s a reward to know Jesus   ,Jesus hears your every prayer ,he answers every thing according to his will, just because you don’t receive an answer right away does not mean God did not hear you God wants to build up patients in us ,he wants to build up trust in us, and he knows the right process to take. God wants to make us the best we can be and  in order for him to do that we have to go through some things  , so don’t give up on Jesus , take him all your worries and watch him pull you through.    I don’t want us to wait on tomorrow I want us to trust God today,  let’s take time to spend a minute or two with Jesus and he will spend time with you, how wonderful it is to have a friend in Jesus , he laid down his life for you    and for me and for all of mankind ,how deep is that, how many of you would lay down your life for another. I think we have a long way’s to go as human beings , so let’s start today on our improvement . God bless you and may you have a blessed day.